Torlock Proxy Mirror List the Full Guide to Unlock Torlock [100% Guaranteed Working Method]


About Torlock Proxy

Torlock is the best torrent website for all the movies and TV shows lovers. Because it provides the best torrents of TV shows & movies. Torlock will help to access all the latest in movies and TV series. It not only contains the latest movies and shows but also has the classic movies and old software in its library.

Torlock is perhaps the best torrent distribution site right now. It has only verified torrents and thus has no fake torrents whatsoever. It, not only a site that is dedicated to verified torrents only. The site will pay you $1 for highlighting every fake torrent. You are certain to get the quality stuff with very good download speed at Torlock.

Keep in mind that it has an adult section as well which certainly is not suitable for the children. You need to be aware of that.

Why Torlock is Blocked?

There is a chance that you will find Torlock blocked in your country/region due to the strict implementation of copyright laws by the government. Your local ISP (internet service provider) will have to limit or block your access to all such sites. This scenario is pretty common for torrent sites. You will have to use the Torlock proxy sites to unblock Torlock or you can use VPN to access the desired download.

Torlock Proxy and Mirrors List

These Torlock proxy/Mirror sites are hosted in countries where Torlock is not blocked. So, if you cannot access Torlock, with the help of Torlock proxy/mirror sites, you will always be able to access your favorite torrent site, Torlock.

Here is the list of fast Torlock proxy sites which you can access directly with ease. Even if the main Torlock site is blocked, you will still be able to browse these Torlock proxy sites and enjoy Torlock content. These sites have the same structure and database as of the main site so there shall be no problem at all to download content from the Torlock unblocked site.

How to Unblock Torlock?

The unblocking of blocked Torlock can be done in two ways.

First, you can use the Torlock proxy/mirror sites and get Torlock movies unblocked. The list of Torlock proxy/mirror sites is already mentioned above.

Second, if you are unable to access the site even with a proxy/mirror site, then you have to use the VPN. You have to use a VPN even with some of the Torlock proxy/mirror sites. It is a more preferred and secure way of downloading your desired moves, TV shows, songs, and other files.

What if Proxies don’t work?

If the main site is blocked, the first step is to access the blocked site by using Torlock proxy sites. But if you still cannot reach the site even from the proxies, then there is only one solution. You need to use a VPN.

What is Vpn and How It Works?

VPNs or Virtual Private Network, simply encrypt your traffic and route all of it through their servers. This means that the network does not knows which sites you are visiting. Thus, the firewalls see only it as traffic going and coming from the VPN server and not as a torrent connection or P2P. Using VPNs also changes your IP and lets you access other sites too which are not available in your network.

Like many other torrent sites, for Torlock unblock VPN is the best possible solution. There are many free and paid VPN available in the market. You have to choose the one with the best package. We recommend you to prefer paid VPN over the free. Some of the best VPN options available are Express VPN, VYPR VPN, Hotspot shield, Cyber Ghost, and Surf Shark VPN.

How to Use a Vpn to Unblock Torlock

  1. Download any one of the VPN
  2. Add it to chrome and Enable it

Now you can use one of the Torlock proxy/mirror sites to browse it safely.

The Best Alternative Sites to Torlock

A backup plan should always be there especially when it comes to torrents download. Here is the list of best alternatives to Torlock.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 and it has stood the test of time. So much so, that users call it “the universe’s most resilient torrent site.” It is home to uncountable music, movies, software downloads, and TV shows. It is a good alternative to Torlock, and you can access it at


1337X is another top name on our list. The site was founded in 2007. But the real jump it got was after the recent revamp it has gone through which helps the site to attract huge traffic. It is a powerful torrent site that gets all the important things right thanks to its wide range of movies, TV shows, and games. 1337X is perfect for you if you love the classic stuff. 1337x has emerged as a satisfactory alternative. Since then, the site has continued to gain popularity. It is home to music, games, movies, TV shows, documentaries, applications, anime, and any other downloads you can imagine.


RARBG is incredibly popular. It remains a favorite hub for users to get access to movies, shows, books, games, and software.

Some of the trusted RARBG mirror/proxy sites include:


Other ways of unblocking RARBG include using a VPN or TOR browser.

Lime Torrents

The fact that we feature it as the last alternative does not negate the fact that Lime Torrents is an incredibly good alternative. It has numerous torrents, and most of them are credible. The one issue that you can face with Lime Torrents is that older torrents tend to be in horrible health (very few seeds). However, newer torrents such as new releases are healthy and enjoy good speeds.

Lime Torrents come up as plan B of most of the people once their main site is down. Note that being less popular gives this site a huge advantage as authorities rarely target the site. As a result, compared to the above-mentioned alternatives, it is rarely down.


EZTV is purely a TV show torrent site with countless TV shows, including multiple seasons of the same show. The site also features a forum that allows users to report any broken links and requests for updates. It is credible, simple, and practical. EZTV is also very vocal of warning users to ensure they use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when downloading torrents to avoid authorities or any other person from tracking the IP address. While a VPN will add an extra cost, it is essential to note that the cost of a VPN is far less than the cost of fines or jail time.


Torrentz2 is the successor of the original Torrentz which was a very popular site. Torrentz was different because it acted like the Google of torrents. It did not host torrents but allowed users to search for a torrent, and then list all the locations one could find the particular torrent.

Initially, Torrentz2 indexed around 60 million torrents and worked in the same way as the original Torrentz. The 2019 iteration of Torrentz2 is different because it hosts the files similar to all the other sites discussed above.


Torlock should be your priority as per the quality of the content available on the site. The torrents are healthy and genuine you will not find any malicious links here. And if by chance you came across one, instantly report it to the site authorities and get $1 in reward for each fake link reported.

All your favorite movies, TV series, and software are under one roof. Here you will not only find the latest ones but the site holds a great record of the vintage stuff which its users are very fond of. We would recommend accessing the site using a VPN. It will help you access the site without revealing your identity. Opt for the paid VPN for more security and priority services.

Other Torrents Sites Proxies List

There are tons of different torrents website which ease the life of users by providing content online free. Here are some of the best torrents proxy sites that work perfectly fine in 2020: