*Offical* RARBY Proxy Sites & Mirror That Works In 2020


About Rarbg

What do you look to download from the net? Movies, music, games, TV shows, and software. For all such stuff, Rarbg torrent is one of the best available on the internet. Rarbg is one of the famous torrent websites like Torrentz2 site to download media that includes audio, videos, software, movies and so on over the internet. It has a huge database of all the best content you need. From old classic stuff to the latest one, you will find everything here.

The content is very organized and you will not have to do much hassle to find what you are looking for. This particular network is very active and is trusted by millions around the world. The torrent files about multimedia, applications & eBooks are being uploaded to the network every minute, providing free access to all the premium stuff.

If you belong to the group who doesn’t want to wait for the Blue-rays and DVDs to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, you can watch all the latest content by downloading it from the Rarbg unblock.

You might not be able to access the Rarbg site from your country/region. It is because the site has been blocked in your area. This is a pretty common cause of the Rarbg site. Your local ISP (internet service provider) has blocked access to the site due to the strict government copyright laws. To access the torrent you need to use the Rarbg proxy sites. Finding the right Rarbg proxy site is not an easy task and it can be frustrating at times.

Thanks to the Rarbg team that they have come up with many Rarbg proxies for Rarbg unblock. The proxy and mirror have the same structure and database as of the original site and let you access the required content easily.

Best Rarbg Proxy List

You can access the Rarbg site with the help of below Rarbg proxies and download your favorite movies, TV shows, and songs.

The use of a VPN is another way of accessing the blocked site. VPN will secure your identity and let you access the site anonymously. The use of a VPN is another way of accessing the blocked site. VPN will secure your identity and let you access the site anonymously.

Rarbg Proxies and Mirrors

As mentioned above, there are a lot of proxies that can be used to access the Rarbg content. Rarbg is one of the most famous and trusted torrent sites on the internet. The site is highly rated by its users due to the quality of the content it provides to its users. These proxies/mirror sites do have the same database and structure as of the original site. Which means you don’t have to worry about content availability.

On the other hand, you can always use a VPN to download your stuff from the site. There are lots of free and paid VPN available so choose wisely. Some of the famous VPN services are NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, IPVanish, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, TunnelBear, Windscribe, and Hotspot Shield.

Why Rarbg is Blocked?

This could be because the site is blocked due to the strict copyright laws implied by the government in your country/region. Your local ISP (internet service provider) would have to abide by the laws of the government thus blocking you to access the Rarbg torrents. Another reason (though very little chance) could be that site is temporarily down for maintenance at the time you are accessing it. Whatever the case is, you should not worry as we got you covered through Rarbg proxy/mirror sites and VPN.

How to Unblock RARBG?

If the main site https://rarbg.to is blocked by your ISP or office/school/university you can simply unblock it by using methods below.


VPN is a more secure method. As the proxy site does not come with security. They can be tracked easily. But VPNs are not as they protect your identity with various strong methods. Some of the popular VPN include Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, Tor Guard, Express VPN, and Pure VPN, etc.

RARBG TOR Browser Method

TOR (The Onion Router) is a group of individual networks which helps us in anonymous communication. That means you can use this browser and unblock any restricted website.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network which helps you to access the blocked sites in your country/region by securing your identity and accessing the site with a virtual IP. For Rarbg unblock you need to use a VPN even if you are using the Rarbg proxy/mirror sites. Working with a VPN means you can get a much greater variety of torrent resources than you would when using a Rarbg proxy unblock.

There are lots of VPNs available in the market both free and paid. Make sure that you have evaluated all the options and choose only the best one even if you have to pay some extra money for it. As paid with paid VPN you will get the priority services and most importantly securing your identity should be the priority. Rest you leave to the website. Once you are there on the site, you will get your hands on all the great movies, TV shows, songs, and software.

Best RARBG VPN For Proxy & Mirror Sites in 2020

How to Download Movies From Rarbg?

  • Enable VPN in your device.
  • Click on any of the RARBG Proxy/Mirror sites above.
  • The homepage is full with categories and updates like news etc.
  • Select a Category to download the torrent file you want or use a search bar.
  • Select the movie and click on it. It will take you to the summary page. Where you will find all IMDB ratings, different files, users’ comments, etc.
  • Click on appropriate file to download and open it with a BitTorrent client like uTorrent.

The Best Alternatives to Rarbg Torrent

In case, you are looking to evaluate some new sources or unable to access the Rarbg torrent site below a list of Rarbg alternatives should cover you. There several different site but we have pick 5 best sites like Extratorrents. You can find all your required content from here easily and securely.

The Pirate Bay

Probably the most common and the very first name that you would think of when talking about Torrent. Named by few as “the galaxy’s most resilient BitTorrent site” The Pirate Bay Site has gained the trust of the millions around the globe due to ease of use and the quality of the content it provides. It has a current Alexa ranking of 131 and is currently the most popular torrent index in the world. Thus making it the perfect alternative of the Rarbg.


Third in the list of best torrent sites in the world YTS torrent has a separate fan base. It specialized in movies and is followed by all the movie geeks around the globe. The torrents available here are ranked as high-quality and legit by the users. If you love to see the movies in HD, 720p, 1080p, and even 3D, YTS.ag should be on top of the list.


LimeTorrents is popular for its impressive size of the database and best torrenting site. This could be the best alternative to Rarbg due to the quality of the content it offers to its users. The site has one of the biggest databases of the torrents which means it is highly unlikely that you miss something here.


1337X is another top name on our list. The site was founded in 2007. But the real jump it got was after the recent revamp it has gone through which helps the site to attract huge traffic. It is a powerful torrent site that gets all the important things right thanks to its wide range of movies, TV shows, and games. There is a variety of different 1337X proxy site that can help you access this website without any hassle. 1337X is perfect for you if you love the classic stuff.

Torrent Downloads

It has become the primary choice of many users around the world due to its big database, high quality of torrents and amazing downloading speed. It certainly is one reliable place that you don’t want to miss.


Having said it all, Rarbg is worth investing your time for some amazing content download. The quality of the content makes you stick to Rarbg for a very long period. Movies, TV shows, songs, games, and software you just name it and you are going to find it here. One important thing to keep in mind is to always use a VPN to access the Rarbg proxy.

Choose the best option available even if it is paid one and secure yourself first. VPN will not only give you access to many Rarbg torrents.

Other Torrents Sites Proxies List

There are tons of different torrents website which ease the life of users by providing content online free. Here are some of the best torrents proxy sites that work perfectly fine in 2020: