How to Download Torrents Without Isp Knowing

how to download torrents without isp knowing

Torrenting can be a risky business if you are not taking the precautions required to access torrents. Risk of exposure to multiple cyber threats and of course the legal implications that comes with downloading and uploading files. The most common way to avoid any such threat is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN simply routes you through an intermediary server via encryption while you are accessing the internet. This enables your security in 2 primary ways:

  1. Routing torrents via an intermediary server enables masking on your IP address thus hiding you from any potential threat that would track your activity.
  2. The encryption does not allow your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and any other third party to know what you are uploading or downloading.

Many people think that can isp see their activity on the internet while using a VPN. There are also other ways to protect your torrenting, but before we went on to explore how to download torrents without your ISP knowing let us gain a bit more knowledge about the VPN and also take a look at what is the best VPN for torrenting.

Why You Require a Vpn for Safe Torrenting

Ip Protection is Necessary:

Your IP address is ‘the target’ make no mistake about it. Whenever you are uploading or downloading files via BitTorrent, your IP is exposed to your ISP, hackers, and copyright trolls. Hackers can easily infiltrate your network and cause you some serious damage. You also don’t want to indulge in any legal fight with copyright trolls. A VPN shall protect you from all the hassle by enabling protection on your IP address.

ISP snooping and throttling:

Without a VPN, there is no hiding of your torrents from your ISP. ISPs don’t like torrenting and once they knew that you using a torrent, they will intentionally slow down your internet connection speed. A VPN will encrypt your IP thus not allowing your ISP to track your activity. Though they might know that you are downloading, they will not be able to decipher what you are downloading, and that is what VPN does for you.

Blocking of torrent trackers:

Torrent trackers are blocked in many countries. So as the sites and services that allow you access to the torrents. Using VPN will give you access to all such blocked torrent trackers and will not let anyone track you either.

Vpn Summary:

If you are looking to download torrents while being safe and protecting your information from breaches, malware, etc. you need a VPN. They can make your torrenting experience smooth and make sure that no interruption occurs.

We have made a list of our own best picks of VPN suitable for torrenting. These VPNs provide blazing-fast speeds and a secure connection to save your identity from being exposed.

Here are some of our best picks VPN for torrenting.

How to Use Vpn to Download Torrents

A VPN can be installed on almost any device. Your phone, laptop, desktop, Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, and android. One should also know the basic steps involved in installing any VPN client. Most of the VPN available are pretty easy and simple to install and use. Here are the steps to follow to put everything in order.

  1. Sign up for a VPN and then download it on your required device or on all the devices that you use.
  2. Download a bit torrent client.
  3. Now enable VPN and make sure it uses the fastest VPN server or closest server to your location.
  4. If your VPN has a kill switch, enable it.
  5. It is now time to find and download your torrent safely and secretly.

Top Torrenting Websites

  1. The Pirate Bay | AVG. download speed: 6.2mbs
  2. RARBG | AVG. download speed: 6.1mbs
  3. 1337x | AVG. download speed: 4.2mbs
  4. Torlock | AVG. download speed: 4.4mbs
  5. Torrentz2 | AVG. download speed: 2.0mbs

How to Download Torrents Without Isp Knowing Without Vpn

Use Anomos

First thing first, what is Anomos? Well, the simplest definition could be ‘the torrent client with end-to-end encryption enabled’. The Anomos is based on BitTorrent tracker/peer concept with added end-to-end encryption layering. Contrary to its name, the Anomos is very simple and easy to use with a neat interface. It uses Python and is free open-source software. It only uses .atorrent format to download torrents or you can convert other torrent formats into .atorrent format. The only drawback you would get with Anomos is there is no or very little support since it is free software. Secondly, you come across a few bugs now and then which could be annoying.

Use Seedbox

P2P users would be very familiar with this term. Seedbox is a remote server that uses the BitTorrent to download and upload torrents from torrenting websites and these are usually virtual private servers though Seedbox can be a physical server as well. Seedbox supports nice bandwidth and high download speed. Seedbox will help you in 2 primary ways.

  1. Hiding your IP address so you will not be tracked by ISP or any third party.
  2. The HTTPS encryption used by Seedbox will also prevent you from any snooping.

Use a Proxy Server

Proxy server intercepts your connection and hides your IP address. By this, they forward your request to the website you want to access but it might not completely stop your ISP to track you as they might still be able to see what you are accessing and downloading also you might face overcrowding issue with these proxy servers causing slow downloading and uploading speed.

Parting Thought

BitTorrent usage is not illegal at all but since there have been some illegal activities on it some countries or organizations might have blocked its usage in your area/region. Using a VPN to download torrent without your ISP knowing seems to be the only effective way. VPN gives you maximum protection by hiding your IP address from your ISP and other potential threats that could track your online activities.