About Us: How We Help To Access Torrent Sites

These days, everyone is looking to enjoy the privilege of free downloads from the internet. We at ExtraTorrents are here to provide you the reliably working and real-time torrent proxies to enable you to find all the quality downloads. The URL link listed on our website is put there in a way that every link is directly connected to the earlier version of torrents. This is only done to help you to get the best downloads in the easiest possible way.

Keeping the ease of access in mind for our valued customers, we have to make sure to reach you with utmost ease right where you are. For this purpose, we have direct links to the sites having reliable and faster search engines that only provide the best results to download your required files by fetching several meta searches at a time.

Our links are unique and the best available on the web but before using our site content you need to agree with the terms and conditions of torrents website. Every link mentioned in the list of different proxies such as Extra torrent proxy, Torrentz 2 proxy, lime torrents, and Rarbg proxy are 100% genuine working and are tried & tested under a strict SOP by our professionals. Please note that you may require to access most of the links via VPNs (free VPN will also work). You can now complete your download faster than ever as compared to the other popular directed sites.

Here is the list of some of the most wanted torrent proxies that tend to be the best search engine for every download. The list below is checked and verified as the working one after a series of tests. Use VPNs, to download the required content like videos or audios free of cost.

Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrents site arguably one of the most popular and widely used torrents that have served you for many years with the quality content. The content can easily be accessed to a lot of websites available on the internet. At the first step, the status of proxy is checked whether it is active or not for the entire list and only then you are directed to the original site which you can then open and download content.

Extratorrents Proxy

If you are songs and movie fan and is always in search of the latest ones (even the unplugged versions of songs) then Extratorrents proxy sites are your place to go as it proves to have the best and all the latest content. You can easily download your required content from the URL list for every proxy of this search engine. This may also require the use of VPNs to get you access to the searched content.

Torrentz2 Proxy

Since the original Torrentz website was taken down, Torrentz2 Proxy has served as the most trusted way to get the download list for any movies that are recently released. All working and unblocked URLs are there on the site to be used. And if you happen to use the VPN, it can provide you with a similarly amazing experience of the website which provided instant results after extremely quick fetches from the internet.

Rarbg Proxy

Rarby Proxy sites are said to be the best peer to peer website to download movies (which includes blue-ray versions), audio, video, and any software. And with the VPN, you can even access books and many paid ones are also available for free on this website.

1337x Proxy

A relatively new player in the field yet the downloading is still pretty safe. 1337x Proxy ease the user’s life by allowing them to download the most compressed files of their favorite entertainment content online. By the use of a VPN, you can access the tons of movies, video and audio files to download.

The Piratebay

The Piratebay is one the most huge factory of content like movies, Softwares and tv shows operating since 2003. There are around 300million users who surf the pirate bay site using a proxy to securely download content online.