Best 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites That Works In 2020 Including [1337x Alternatives Sites] 



About 1337x is a simple and amazing torrent site that has its special fan following. It is a popular destination for everyone seeking to free download movies, TV shows, music, software, games, eBooks, etc. Many great uploaders provide direct torrents from this website.

1337x is popular because of its huge library which is wonderfully categorized and organized. Giving you the simple and speedy downloading options at your fingertips. In 1337x you will find all sorts of files at your reach, categorized as:

  • Torrent trends
  • Movie library
  • Anime
  • Applications
  • Documentaries.TV library
  • New episodes
  • Top 100 torrents
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Others
  • Television

Another great advantage that you will have is this site offers the advantage of being able to search for and locate many torrent files in the language of your choice so that you do not have to resort to subtitles.

However, with the availability of some adult and violent material present in the 1337x, it has become difficult to access this and you may found the site is blocked in your country/region. In this case, you need to access the site with 1337x proxy. This will unblock 1337x making it accessible for you to download any content available on the site just like extratorrents proxy method. 

1337x proxy sites are available easily on the internet and use the same database of the list about peers as 1337x, it helps to make sure you can access all the features of the website.

Best 1337x Proxy List

Below is a list of lime torrent proxy that is reliable and fast.

How to Download Content From

  1. Open the website from your browser. or click the link to follow to the
  2. On the website, you will notice a long search. In that search bar just type your favorite content to download. Under the search bar, you can find options like movies, games, music, etc. where you can search for a particular section.
  3. After clicking on any of them it will redirect to the next page where you can see a magnet download option. All you have to do is just click on the magnet download option.
  4. After clicking on it the dialog box appears, then there appear to be two options “open BitTorrent” and “cancel”.
  5. Click on the open BitTorrent option. It will automatically take you to the BitTorrent application for installation. After opening the application, click on the ‘ok’ button and the downloading will be started.

Why 1337x is Blocked?

A common scenario that all of you have encountered. Torrenting sites keep getting blocked all over the world due to copyright laws and 1337x is no exception. Your local ISP (internet service provider) would have blocked it due to restrictions imposed by the government. If you come across any such case, then you have to use 1337x proxy sites and or VPN service to download your desired content. The 1337x proxy list is mentioned above for your ready reference.

What is the Best Way to Access 1337x?

One way is to access the site with 1337x proxy/mirror sites and download your favorite movies, TV shows, songs, software and much more. The other more secure and preferred way is to use the VPN to access the site. There are many paid and free VPNs available in the market. Make sure that you choose the one which has the priority services to get the best security for your identity.

Is Vpn the Best Option?

Yes, it is. A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to access the blocked sites more securely. You can use the free VPN or the paid ones. We prefer to use the paid VPN just to make sure that you get the priority service. In the end, you get what you have paid for. This VPN will not only give access to all 1337x torrents but also protects your identity.

How to Use a Vpn to Unblock 1337x

  1. Download any one of the VPN.
  2. Add it to chrome and Enable it.
  3. Now you can use one of the 1337x proxy/mirror sites to browse it safely.

There are a lot of proxies that will help you to access where you can easily search your favorite content. If you feel like 1337x unblock is unavailable then try some similar websites like RARBG Proxy, TKA Torrent Proxy, YTS Proxy, Putlocker Proxy, 123Movies Proxy, and MovieRulz Proxy.

The Best Alternate of 1337x

In case that you are unable to access the 1337x site by any means or you want to try any other torrent source to download content, the below list shall help you get the best results.

The Pirate Bay

Usually the topper in the list of best torrent sites. The Pirate Bay Site is the most famous and reliable torrent site. Millions of users visit daily on this site for downloading data. This torrent site provides fast download speeds based on the speed of your internet connection.


The first alternate you look for if your primary torrent site is down. The site is very organized, easy to use and simple. Finding the best content in movies, songs, and other files is pretty simple on Limetorrents.


The top best torrent sites list is not completed without discussing technically it is not a torrent site but is a meta-search engine search other torrent trackers for you. Torrentz2 site is like the Google of torrent sites as you will be able to find anything you like easily on this website.


If movies are your specialty and you like all the latest movies, YTS.AM/YTS.AG will be one of the top sites that you can consider checking out. The sites only focus on movies and feature a massive directory that will ensure you can find what you are looking for.


If you are heavily into the movies, RARBG will be the perfect site for you. It has a wonderful details page and will show you everything that you need to know when it comes to your files. Additionally, the top 10 list will ensure that you understand the popularity of a movie and make it easier to find new releases.


TORLOCK site is one of the best sites if you are looking to avoid potentially fake torrents. It is really easy to navigate the site and it features a large database of content that you can download. It also features a Top 100 list that will show you everything you need to know about the most popular content available on the market today. And if you come across any fake torrent on the website, TORLOCK will pay you $1 for each fake link reported.


1337x is huge and a real deal for all the torrent lovers. Movies, songs, TV shows, software, and eBooks you just name it and you will find it on 1337x. A quality site with trusted content and a very good speed of downloading. If you are unable to access the site it is due to the local copyright laws of the government enforced in your country/region. In this case, you must use 1337x proxy sites to download the desired content with the help of a VPN. A VPN is a must to be used while accessing any of the blocked torrent sites from your country/region. It will help you secure the download and keep your identity a secret. There are lots of free and paid VPNs available in the market and we suggest using the paid VPN to get the best quality service.

Other Torrents Sites Proxies List

There are tons of different torrents website which ease the life of users by providing content online free. Here are some of the best torrents proxy sites that work perfectly fine in 2020: