ExtraTorrents Proxy List & Alternatives That Works In 2020 [100% Working Proxies & VPN To Unblock Extratorrents]

Best extratorrent alternatives proxy vpn

If you are a torrent user or ever were, you must be familiar with the famous Extratorrent. It was one of the most visited websites for downloading torrent files and was known to be a giant in the torrenting industry.

It enjoyed great traffic once, as it had millions of torrents available to its users and provided a variety of content. Everything you needed, ExtraTorrent had it covered. Due to some unknown reasons, unfortunately, it got shut down.

About Extratorrent Search Engine

It was founded in 2006 and was a peer to peer (p2p) sharing platform to users of BitTorrent protocol. Among many other torrent sites, ExtraTorrents made it to the top and was considered the 2nd largest website for hosting torrents along with many other sites as well e.g. ThePirateBay, KickAss. It had over a million torrents available, resulting in crazy fan following for this website.

It held its position in top-ranking sites for a decade until it got shut down voluntarily in 2017 for no reason specified.

As it hosted many movies and TV shows, it had to face a lot of copyright complaints as well but the reason for shutting down the website is still unclear.

But soon after its shutdown, its clones or mirror websites were launched as its users started pursuing the best possible alternatives for ExtraTorrent. These mirrors, however, too got shut down one after the other.

Why Extratorrent Search Engine is Permanently Shut Down?

ExtraTorrent got shutdown voluntarily back in May 2017 for no reason. It may have something to do with the movies and TV shows they hosted and were already getting complaints about copyright infringement. Whatever the reason was, the giant site got shut down.

Why You Should Use Extratorrent Proxy Websites to Unblock Extratorrents?

As mentioned earlier, ExtraTorrent got shut down in 2017. So people interested in getting torrent files can get to the ExtraTorrent through its clone or proxy websites. All the data of the ExtraTorrent has been wiped off and you can’t get to it without using these mirror links.

But you don’t need to worry as we got you covered with all the working possible mirrors for ExtraTorrent (WORKING).

We have made a list of all ExtraTorrent proxy/clone websites (WORKING). You can check them out below.

NOTE: Sharing of copyright material is illegal and we don’t support it anyway. Read our privacy policy and terms & conditions for further details. 

Best Extratorrents Mirror Sites in 2020:

Mirror sites concepts are quite simple these sites are an exact copy of the original websites having the same amount of data but been hosted on different servers and are managed by different people to keep service running. Here are some of the best extratorrents sites mirror websites to ease your life in 2020.


The torrent sites mentioned ahead are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content.

Vpn Summary:

If you are looking to download torrents while being safe and protecting your information from breaches, malware, etc. you need a VPN. They can make your torrenting experience smooth and make sure that no interruption occurs.

If you are looking to download torrents while being safe and protecting your information from breaches, malware, etc. you need a VPN. They can make your torrenting experience smooth and make sure that no interruption occurs.

We have made a list of our own best picks of VPN suitable for torrenting. These VPNs provide blazing-fast speeds and a secure connection to save your identity from being exposed.

Extratorrents Alternative Proxy

Alternate to VPN is proxy. You can use a proxy if ExtraTorrent websites are banned in your area and region.

A proxy hides your identity by changing the IP address, consequently, hiding your location from the destination website so it can’t be traced back.

11 Best Extratorrents Alternative Sites

There are certain Extratorrent alternative sites that are working. Let’s check them out below:

  1. The PirateBay.org
  2. RARBG.to
  3. 1337x
  4. TorLock
  5. YTS.am / YIFY
  6. LimteTorrents.cc
  7. EZTV.io
  8. TorrentDownloads.me
  9. Zooqle.me
  10. IsoHunt
  11. KickAss


Word’s most leading torrent site after Extratorrent is The Pirate Bay. It provides an immense number of movies, TV shows, music, software, etc. to download for its users. It has a simple dashboard from where you can type in your keywords to find torrents.

It was found way back in 2003. Among a few other sites, this is one of the torrenting sites that has made its way to the top by remaining within its legal boundaries.

This website is the best possible alternative to ExtraTorrent and you’ll much agree to this once you start using it.

  1. openpirate.org
  2. openpirate.cc
  3. unblockpirate.uk


RARBG is another big name in the torrenting industry. It, however, is blocked in different regions and countries but can be accessed using a VPN. RARBG Proxy sites has diverse categories including movies, TV shows, software, news, reviews, and other information. It was founded way back in 2008.

  1. rarbg.is
  2. rarbgproxied.org
  3. rarbgaccess.org


Ranking on the third most popular site in the business of torrenting is 1337x. It uses the BitTorrent protocol to allow p2p (Peer to peer) file sharing.
It has been using different domains to avoid the Google search ban. It is also a big site in the torrenting industry and has millions of followers.

1337x Proxy sites have been around since 2007 providing fresh content from all around the world. They also categorize torrents as top 100 torrents, trending, popular this week so that its user can avail of the fresh and updated torrents.

  1. 1337x.is
  2. 1337x.st
  3. x1337x.ws


YTS.am is particularly known for its high-quality video torrents. The site has been changing domain names to avoid a ban. It has been a victim of copyright complaints where an anti-lawsuit was filed against it in New Zealand. But this didn’t stop it from offering high-quality releases for its users. YTS Proxy is famous for its quick downloads of high-quality torrents thanks to its great optimization.

One more thing, this site offers only video torrents means that you can’t find games or software here. It offers HD quality video torrents in the smallest size.

  1. yts.am
  2. yts.pm
  3. yts.gs


Limtetorrents is a simple interfaced torrent site. It is a very simple website and offers new releases from movies to TV shows to anime to the game – everything is available here. A simple category feature is listed there to find any torrent.

It is a good alternative to ExtraTorrent if it’s not working or is blocked in your region.

  1. limetorrents.in
  2. limetorrents.asia
  3. limetor.com

TorrentDownloads/ Torrentz2

Torrentz2 site has been active for many years. It got in top positions in the previous year of 2019. It’s providing millions of torrents to its users. It’s a high-profile website therefore it is blocked in many countries. You will need to bypass the ban on this to get ahold of its torrents. A good choice if your favorite torrent site is down.

  1. torrents2.eu
  2. torrentsmirror.com


Easy to use the website to find any kind of torrent. It most certainly will you get your desired torrent due to its big library of over 40,000 movies and more than 500 TV shows available. It is an on-growing website and a good alternative as well.

  1. zooqle.bypassed.mba
  2. zooqle.unlockpro.party
  3. zoqle.unblocked.pm


A well maintained and designed torrent giant. Good alternate to ExtraTorrent. They also have a community of its loyal users known as KickAss Community.

Its homepage is similar to a search engine, very simple and a search bar where keywords can be entered to find torrents. This is probably one of the best alternates to ExtraTorrent. There are certain categories below if you are looking for something specific.

  1. katcr.to
  2. kat.li
  3. kat.lat


Torlock has a big list of torrents with a very user-friendly interface. It holds a number of torrents including high-quality movies, music, anime, etc. It has a lot of torrents that you cannot find on other torrenting sites and you will find them only here. It offers its users about 4.8 million torrents to choose from.


A very famous torrent site for TV shows. It holds almost all of the tv-torrents distribution. It got took over in 2015 by new owners but still, it is going strong and provides a great number of shows. It was blocked in New Zealand as it shared the same IP-address as of The Pirate Bay.


One of the very few old websites, still running and providing its users with torrents. It looks like a news website as it shows news on one corner. There are sections of torrents available on the left sidebar that includes games, software, TV shows, books, etc.

Using VPNs to Unblock Extratorrents

Some countries have blocked these mirror links as they don’t allow torrent sites. If these ExtraTorrents links are not available or blocked in your region/country, you can use these VPNs to unblock them and continue surfing the word of torrents.

VPNs act as a medium by simply changing your server to any other selected country’s server, so you can surf the website without letting them know about your location.

You can choose from different VPNs we have provided.

Also, it is a good approach to use VPN while you torrent, to be safe.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

If you’re wondering that is torrenting illegal or not? Let us answer that for you.

The short answer to this is; no torrenting is not illegal unless you download the copyrighted material without having its ownership rights. Other than that, you can download anything from torrent through some torrent client and it is legal.

As it is difficult to have a track on whatever a person’s downloading is legal or not, many countries have put a ban against torrenting sites. Due to this legal torrenting is also facing bans and restrictions. However, you can always use VPN to unblock it and continue with torrenting

What Can I Do If I’m Blocked?

You don’t need to worry, as we got you covered with all the possible ways to get to the ExtraTorrent. One way is to use a proxy to hide your identity and get to the website easily. If you don’t know how to use proxies, you can use a VPN that will hide your IP address and will allow you to access even if you are blocked.

How to use ExtraTorrents?

If you are in a region where ExtraTorrent is blocked, then we have discussed in detail how to unblock it using proxies or VPN. You can read below on how to use VPN and which VPN to choose from that can unblock ExtraTorrent. We have listed top-rated VPNs that can help you get to ExtraTorrent.

How to Download Movie from ExtraTorrent

Downloading from ExtraTorrent is simple. It provides two types of the torrent; one that provides a torrent file that requires a torrent client to download and the other type is a direct download.

Downloading Through a Torrent Client

First, you have to search for the required file or movie on ExtraTorrent search bar. As soon as you hit the search button, you’ll end up with a number of torrents. For movies, you will find diverse results such as DVDRip, BrRip, Blu-ray, etc.

Then you need to download the torrent file for that particular torrent. Details against the torrent file are mentioned there. Simply download the required torrent file from there. While downloading torrents, you need to check out for its seeders, leechers, torrent status, etc.

Choose a suitable torrent client such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc. Double click the downloaded torrent and download it through that torrent client. When it is finished you will be able to check your content.

Why Use a VPN to Access ExtraTorrent Alternatives?

If you are into legal torrenting or want to download something that is not illegal, still there is risk involved that hackers will try to steal your data without you even knowing about it. Also, torrent files can carry viruses and malware that you surely don’t want to get.

Plus, many countries have directly put a ban on it.

In that case, VPN is what you need to get through these bans and restrictions. VPN also save you from malware and restrict hackers that are trying to get into your devices.

Let us discuss some more benefits of using a VPN.

Unblock Torrenting Sites

As we mentioned earlier, torrenting itself is legal but due to illegal torrenting, legal one gets caught up in the middle and face ban and restrictions from many countries around the globe.

If you happen to be in those countries, you simply can’t unblock these torrenting sites, you need a VPN to save you from it.

VPN hides your identity by using their own private servers rather than your ISP’s assigned servers. So when someone accesses these torrent websites, it will be through of those VPN’s assigned servers where torrenting is not blocked or restricted.

To simply put, if you access any website through a VPN, it will let them know that you are from their own country, resulting in hiding your identity.



Another top recommended VPN on our list is NordVPN. It has all the features of a good VPN. Best suited for any purpose whether you want to go downloading torrents or something else.

It supports p2p connections and servers through which torrents can be downloaded.

It has great unblocking capabilities as it can even bypass the great firewall of China. Recommended for bypassing blocked torrent sites. Also, it has lightning-fast speed due to its immense number of servers which make downloads and uploads fast and quick.

It includes malware and adware-blocking systems to protect your information from hackers. Moreover, your privacy will be protected by military-grade encryption. Along with features such as.

  • Automatic Kill Switch,
  • DNS Leak Protection,
  • Strict No Logs Policy.

Quick Summary of NordVPN:

  1. Supports torrenting
  2. Can unblock HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HULU.
  3. Compatible on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox.
  4. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


If you’re looking for something with more speed then, ExpressVPN is best suited for you as it is rated as the fastest VPN available on the market.

Its fast and speedy servers are capable enough to bypass the blocked content of different regions within no time. It has about 3000+ servers in 160 locations ensuring rapid downloads.

It provides with strict no-log policy. It uses TrustedServer technology that wipes its servers when they are powered off meaning that no record of your activity will be kept.

Moreover, this service provides

  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection

ExpressVPN Drawback:

The only drawback of this VPN is that it is expensive than other available in the market. But you can check it out for yourself with its 30-days money-back guarantee.

Quick Summary of ExpressVPN

  1. Supports p2p servers to ensure safe torrenting
  2. It can unblock Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer.
  3. Works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox
  4. 30-days money-back guarantee


Ranking on fourth in our list is CyberGhost VPN. It is best suited for beginners. The main feature of this VPN is its dedicated torrenting profile. This feature lets you connect with the most suitable server so that you can have a smooth torrenting experience without any complications.

This VPN has about 5700+ servers from 90 different countries to connect from. Moreover, this VPN comes with malware-blocking capabilities that will protect your device from malicious software.

It comes with features such as

  • Strict no-log policy ensuring private browsing
  • Military-grade security

Quick Summary of CyberGhost

  1. Best suited for beginners.
  2. 45-days money-back guarantee.
  3. It can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Comedy Central, Hulu, and many others.
  4. Supports torrenting and p2p servers.
  5. Works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chrome.


PureVPN is one of the most powerful VPN in our list. If you are used to or even new to torrenting, this VPN is what you need.

It is powerful enough to get through blocks and restrictions for different torrent sites and lets you connect to the best server available so that you can enjoy smooth torrenting.

Supports p2p connections, means that you can download torrents without any hassle. It is a fast and reliable VPN. You will get blazing-fast speed because of its dedicated high-speed servers.

Moreover, it secures privacy by ensuring the strict no-log policy and protects from harmful malware as well. Suited for beginners.

Quick Summary for Pure VPN

  1. Supports peer to peer connections means torrenting is supported
  2. 31-day money-back guarantee
  3. More features include an internet kill switch,
  4. 2000+ servers to connect
  5. Split tunneling feature to filter out which data needs to be sent to your ISP

Stay Out of Trouble

We know that it is hard to tell that what you are downloading through torrent, will be illegal or not. You can’t be all sure about this as it works on peer to peer file sharing.

In case you get your hands on copyright material while downloading torrents, there can be legal actions pursued against you, which you don’t want to face. VPN can help you stay out of the trouble, it hides your IP address to ensure that whatever you do is kept only between the VPN server and you.

To put it simply- saves you from the legal trouble

Protect Yourself From Malware

There is not only the risk of getting illegal content through torrents but also a major risk of getting harmful malware to your device. This malware is present in the downloaded content. You don’t even realize that you are being infected by these because of their nature to stay hidden.

They are usually hidden or present themselves as legitimate downloads.

Once they are in and get access to your device, it can easily take out all your personal and baking information and give it to the creator of malware, which is a BIG RISK that no one wants to face.

All this is done, without you even knowing about it. VPN is the key here to save your information and devices from this harmful malware as VPNs come with built-in features to block them out.

VPN’s will protect you from such content and websites.

Prevent Throttling

As soon as your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) detect torrenting, they will throttle your connection because torrenting takes up a lot of bandwidth and is easily detected.

VPN hides your IP address and changes the server to its own so it will not allow even your ISP to detect what you are up to and save your connection from being throttled by your ISP.

The Best VPNs for Torrenting

When looking out there for the best VPNs, here are some important features that you need to consider:

  • It should support p2p servers that allow torrenting.
  • It should have to unblock capabilities to bypass the restrictions and bans.
  • It should have anti-malware blocking capabilities to protect from harmful malware.
  • It should be fast enough in terms of downloading.
  • Make sure it doesn’t hold a record of your activities.

We have short-listed our favorite and top-rated VPNs based on the good features. You can look through them.

Protect Your Privacy

Torrenting is all about p2p file sharing, which means that your IP address is exposed to the other users whenever you seed a torrent after downloading it. They can use your IP address against you to track your address or even hackers can try different cyber-attacks using your IP address.

VPN will keep you away from these cyber-threats and others from tracking your location because they will hide your IP address and use of its own which can’t hurt you in any way providing you with safe and private torrenting.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives Sites Frequently Asked Question

Can authority ban ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Yes, authorities can ban ExtraTorrents Proxy and mirror sites, but torrenting is an ever-evolving process. When one site gets shut down, there will always be another site or mirror to takes its place. Also, there are VPNs to bypass the ban and restrictions that are put on these mirrors and proxy sites. You can check our VPN section for the best suitable VPN for you.

Can one get access to the ExtraTorrent without a VPN?

It depends on the region you are trying to access. If ExtraTorrent mirror is blocked in your region, you cannot access them without a VPN.

However, if you’re trying to access them from an unblocked region, you can get to ExtraTorrent without a VPN as well but that is not safe and can be harmful.

How to unblock ExtraTorrent?

If you are trying to unblock ExtraTorrent, you need to get a suitable VPN. We have short-listed best VPNs in our VPN section. VPNs hide your identity and let you slip through the blocks and restrictions of the ExtraTorrent sites. Also, they protect from malware and ensure no-log strict policy as well

Why ExtraTorrent shut down?

You are not sure when you download something from the torrent that whether it is copyrighted or no. There is no reason specified for why the ExtraTorrent shut down but it might’ve happened due to privacy issues it was facing. The site was voluntarily shut down in 2017 for no reason specified.
However, it was facing a lot of complaints about copyrights but the real reason is unclear.

How to open ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent can be accessed through a VPN or its proxy sites. The original ExtraTorrent was shut down back in 2017, but its mirror and proxy sites exist because of its huge fan following. You can use these proxies and mirrors to download torrent from it and further download it through a torrent client such as uTorrent, etc.

Why ExtraTorrent is not working?

If you are facing issues regarding the working of ExtraTorrent, then you must have been banned by your ISP as torrenting is banned in many regions and countries all over the world. If you wish to download torrents, you can use a VPN to bypass the restrictions and continue with smooth torrenting or you can use proxy to download torrents.

How to download movies from ExtraTorrent.cc?

ExtraTorrent doesn’t exist now. However, its mirror and proxy sites exist by which you can easily get access to torrents. Simply search for your desired content and download its torrent file after that you need a suitable torrent client that will download the torrent for you. Another method is direct downloading without the use of any torrent client. Simply click the direct download button and let the tool directly download torrent for you.

What happened to ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent was facing many copyright complaints but the real reason is unclear and it got shut down voluntarily in 2017 for no reason specified. However, it was facing a lot of copyright complaints because you cannot keep track of what you downloaded is legal or not. But the real reason is unclear.

What is the alternate of ExtraTorrent?

There are many alternates to ExtraTorrent that are working and famous for torrents including kickass torrents, thepiratebay, 1337x, YTS, etc. We have discussed them in our ExtraTorrent alternate sites section. All these are good alternate of Extratorrent and have an immense number of torrents available to its users

Other Torrents Sites Proxies List

There are tons of different torrents website which ease the life of users by providing content online free. Here are some of the best torrents proxy sites that work perfectly fine in 2020: